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Submitted on
June 10, 2012


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Two hours and thirty minutes left and the contest if over, start wrapping the artwork up and get it in before midnight pacific coast time tonight. :la: JULY 18TH.  It might take me a week to pick the winners out there has been some amazing entries.

I warn you do not send plagiarism stuff and try to pass it off as your own or I will try to get you banned. If you make money off of your stolen artwork I will contact the artist and they will deal with you. Specially if it's a gaming company and the previous owner is someone I know. I advised all of you not to use game art. When I said I game and I'm an avid fantasy collector I was not lieing. Also I haven't played every game out their like Skyrim (I know shun the none believer) so again do not enter art that looks like you copied it from in-game content are you will be disqualified. If I don't know it some fan might and point it out.

Artist name is ShikharSrivastava  is a  thief if you haven't heard.  Pretty much we keep finding out new places he's stolen art from and calling his own.  Most of these we have caught he's taken down.  He has so far tried Dryness Tree, Warhammer Online official fanart, Shirley Dawson beautiful painting…, and at first was claiming to have taken a photo that is nearly 100 years old (he's now edit his speech to put that he did not take the photo, what a shocker.)  Artwork as far as I know are stolen that he still has up: a famous painting by Lola Ades or known to some as Lola Ader ( here it is  going on ebay… and this is what he put up ).  Also the snowman from shutterstock is also not his.

So a little bit of my time.  A couple of weeks a had a cancer scare, which it turned out to be a benign tumor but still makes you see the world very different. I've had cancer before but it never gets old when you hear you might have it again.  Still recovering from the removal of it (some pain) so I've been a little slow in updating my DEV art account.  Also something new I've become an awesome moderator of the group :iconda-morgue: so just a little shout out for them. Makes my next collection project of stuff is like 12 ways to die, you know one for each month.  Also don't forget to  like the official DreamOrchid face book page (…. :la: With all this said I'm back with a bang; If you don't know why I'm doing the contest check out my previous journal Back with a Bang. Send submissions by note to me and if you want to add to the prizes let me know by note as well :D. AGAIN deadline is July 18th so it's just around the corner :la:  I'm looking forward to picking out some of the winners and holy cow we have a lot of good submissions.


The contest can be from line art to a painting (digital or traditional). You can enter up to three pictures. While you don't have to pick from the list (since they're just suggestions), the drawing must fit a fantasy scenario, person or creature.  A hint will be to try to incorporate a scene along with a fantasy character.   You can do either evil or good.  Also this MUST be original design and artwork (we're avid art fans of fantasy and know a lot of work out there so don't plagiarizer someone).  Also we will disqualify any thing that looks exactly like a dark elf from WOW, Lineage II, or any other game.  I really would like to see originality in this and I'm excited to see what people can come up with.  If it looks like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell that's not being original. All work also must be yours.  Yes you can have a collaboration with another artist as long as they're listed too.  The deadline will be July 18th.   We don't mind  less then conservative outfits but please keep nudity down.  Entries also have to be new entries on Deviant Art.  When you submit your art please link this contest in your description of it and send me a note on it so I can add it to the feature area and fav.

Example scenes:
A bustling street in a dwarven town
An elf archer stalking its prey
An orcish blacksmith at work
A lizardman caravan
A dark elven alchemist at work
A feline hybrid human at play in a field of tall grass
A heard of Pegasus grazing
A human attempting to train a dragon
A bar brawl with a Minotaur
A human militia fighting a troll
A shady pub where dark dealings happen
A castle siege
An elven castle in the distance as a stranger looks upon on it.
A female warrior in full plate armor being cheered on by the crowd from winning the battle.
A church scene with a priest proceeding over an arrange marriage between a human and an elf.
Dark castles with black dragons flying above.
A fairy village with a fairy returning home.
A sea battle with pirates and sea creatures.
A Mermaid discovering a human (mermaid does not have to fit the usual mermaid look)

Of course, these are just suggestions and you can take it any direction you want.
A twist could be to draw a character, and then what that character is looking at.  We also LOVE cities,  architecture, landscapes, and fantasy woods.

1st PLACE:
Dreamorchid78 will pay out $200 or 16,000 points
DraconaVampira2 Semi-Realism drawings of up to 3 characters each, and 1 Full Body fully shaded with detailed background of 1 character. (3 pictures all together)

2nd PLACE:
Dreamorchid78 will pay out $100 or 8,000 points
DraconaVampira A Full body fully shaded with detailed background of up to 2 characters, and 1 Half body fully shaded with detailed background. (2 pictures together)

3rd PLACE:
Dreamorchid78 will pay out $50 or 4,000 points
DraconaVampira A Full body fully shaded with detailed background of 1 character and a fully shaded chibi.  

One soul by Racuch There's nothing to Fear by UndeadKitty13 Hellkite Monarch by Somnicide The Slumbering Tyrant by MoulinBleu This Is How The World Ends by Ospreyghost13 But Fear itself by UndeadKitty13 Blue by cziburaszka war of the elements by scorpy-roy The Bringer of good News by ChristianGerth Werewolf succumbs at last... by anghorkheng Light for my Love by Melanie-J-Howle Black Angel by Eledhwen-Arts magic guard by ptitvinc Turf War by Frrruuussstraation Eternally Sad by barbaraplanche Contest Dreamorchid by MayVig Dragon Valley by Sunima The hunt by elbardo :thumb314763056: Too far by Callibanda Summoning by CristianaLeone Guardian of the Chrome Coast by MoulinBleu symbiosis by fenna-maruda Undead Protector by d3fect Children Of The Night by d3fect Heart of the Forest by Anarielhime Dalinar the Blackthorn by Somnicide Sand storm by Mospineq Beyond the Beyond by N-Maulina Crimson Sunset by Somebodystolemynick NEST by ramen7 Exodus by Leonardo-Lambrecht The Adventure Begins by KKylimos Slow Ride by themedusa Sunrise by Mospineq :thumb312492017: :thumb313204391: Celestial Autumn by ProcerDeCrepusculum Dryad by Nikulina-Helena Firefly by ReaperLady Raven Witchcraft by Anarielhime Spirit of Earth by Toa-Lagara Fugue: The Fire by CristianaLeone Hunting in the ruins by 3ntin Dragon Ruins by Anarielhime Hunted by Unicorn-Knight For the contest by Pechenbko Prevented by samueltd Come at me Bro by Zidartha Wind Valley by Odomi2 Run Through my Woods. by collie-rado Mermaid by Sophia-M Jade's Dragon by eveningstars242 :thumb307079175: Confession by Leonardo-Lambrecht :thumb314809342: :thumb314692718: Mythical Lobuck by Self-Eff4cing :thumb308152922: :thumb308192570: The arrest of Sorchei by VirginieCarquin Leil : Saving Her Soul - EXPANDED and REPAINTED - by IoannisCleary Coming of The Dragon by speakerhead89 Dream Alone by Melanie-J-Howle Elf woman, released arrow. Full scene by Vilenchik :thumb307987590: :thumb308025757: Feathered Fantasy by VegetasLittleSister :thumb309538450: Water Nymph by laeti-k Gekko knight by Obliviousnight ...Not With A Bang.... by Ospreyghost13 Soul Eater by mippieArt Crystal Cavedweller by Waift Blue loki is blue by mightybonzai Horse of the Sea by steffieray Map of Thuldrekkin by MamaELM The Witch's Sacrifice by JStedman CE: Territorial Battle by DraconaVampira Fairy Lake by collie-rado

Will be updated soon.


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eveningstars242 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:eager: Everyone's work looks SOOOO wonderful!!
j-witless Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
if I posted my work in another journal, would it take part in the contest?.___.
Dreamorchid78 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Professional General Artist
I already added that piece I think last night. If it saids added to the fantasy journal it's added.
Sophia-M Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
i posted it last night to the other jurnal, but here it is again [link]
j-witless Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
ok,thank you..I'm such a slowpoke,I'm sorry :blushes:
Sophia-M Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
i post my entry here [link] i didn't realise there was two jurnals
Seavannah Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
link [link] ok that one was all me lol just rushing to fast thanks by the way for the awesome contest!!!:heart: Good luck to everyone!
Seavannah Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just in case it is 11:43pmPST here is my link [link] ....Yeah I know down to the wire lol my muse is to blame really :) lol
JavanniA Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Professional General Artist
I have an entry for the contest ,
i posted the link hope this is correct. Thanks
MrSondaba Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you have my entry? i posted yesterday: [link]
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